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Become a Provider (testing)

Our success lies in our relationship with our providers who offer a high standard of care.

Become a Colorado Access Provider

We are currently adding new providers to our physical health and behavioral health networks, in the following instances:

  • Regional Accountable Entity Regions 3 & 5: We are currently contracting with primary care providers (MDs, DOs, NPs) in the counties of Adams, Arapahoe, Denver, Douglas, and Elbert.
  • Child Health Plan Plus: (State Managed Care Network or CHP+ offered by Colorado Access) – specialized medical providers, psychiatrists, behavioral health, all providers in rural areas, and providers who see our members for continuity of care.
  • Behavioral Health: Psychiatrists, family nurse practitioners (FNPs), nurse practitioners (NPs), and physician assistants (PAs) with prescriptive abilities, providers who speak a foreign language other than Spanish, providers who specialize and are experienced in treating eating disorders, and providers who see our members for continuity of care.


Become a Colorado Access Provider

If these specialties apply to you, please fill out the Appendix for physical health or behavioral health along with the individual provider form. The forms will ask you to attach copies of your W-9 and liability insurance. If you need any assistance please contact our provider contracting team at Once the Appendix is received, we will review your request within 30 business days, and will respond to you directly. Incomplete information will result in a delayed response.

If these specialties don’t apply to you, you may still submit a request with the appropriate Appendix attached. We will let you know if your request is accepted. All requests are kept on file.

***Please be sure to validate your organizational and/or individual National Provider Identifier (NPI) with the state of Colorado. This is a requirement to participate in our networks. For more information about participating in Health First Colorado (Colorado’s Medicaid Program) or the validation or revalidation process, visit the website for the Department of Health Care Policy & Financing.