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Welcome to Perspectives

Our blog bringing you the unique views of the people that make up Colorado Access.

25 Years of Behavioral Health


A very Happy 25th Anniversary to Colorado Access! Although I have only been at Colorado Access for a year, I have been in the behavioral health world for more than 25 years. As I ponder our Silver Celebration, I like to think back to where we were 25 years ago. First of all, we didn’t … Read More

The COVID-19 Experience


The last few months have been something unprecedented, and I hope, something we don’t ever see again.  COVID-19 is a horrible virus that is causing so much damage to the entire world in infinite ways. The loss of life and health is frightening, and the financial losses to individuals, companies and countries is a story … Read More

Mental Health & Me


I remember growing up, I always seemed to take things a little harder than others. People would tell me I was “too emotional” or “overreacting”. Over the years, I continued to feel the same feelings and continued to hear the same brush off statements. It took a culmination of events for me to realize that … Read More

Reaching Your Calm


Stress and anxiety – sound familiar? Looking at the world around us, stress is a normal part of life. As a child, I think my biggest stressor was getting home before the street lights came on; life seemed so simple then. No social media, no smartphones, limited access to world news or events. Sure, everyone … Read More



Jocko Willink is an intense guy. Jocko is a former Navy Seal who served in the Iraq War. He came home, wrote a few books, did a few TED Talks and now runs a podcast. Jocko says the same thing when he is faced with a problem, “good.” He means it. His philosophy is that … Read More