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My Choice: Back In School


I am a parent of a seven-year-old boy. I am proud of his independence, intelligence and resilience. When the pandemic disrupted our lives, he rolled with the punches and kept moving forward- we both did. We made it through the last few weeks of school in April and May at home- and when I say … Read More



“Is it possible to put my daughter on a less aggressive vaccine schedule?” I asked our pediatrician while holding my two-week-old infant. Prior to my daughter’s appointment, I’d gotten a very concerned call from my mother about the many “very credible” YouTube videos she had watched about the dangers of vaccines. I didn’t believe immunizations … Read More

“Back” to School


As we enter the time of year when kids are longing for a few more weeks of pool time, staying up late, and sleeping in, all while parents are typically counting down the hours, this years back to school routine, as with many things the past several months, is looking much different. Parents, including my … Read More