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7 Steps to Make Sure Your Child isn’t Left Behind


Use your health benefits

Vaccines and well visits are free


Schedule regular well visits

  • Make your child’s next appointment before you leave their current one
  • Be sure your child goes to 10 well visits in the first 24 months of their life


Access free transportation

  • Use IntelliRide. Call them at 855-489-4999 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can schedule a ride one week before your child’s appointment.
  • Chat with an agent at


Bring your child to all well visits

  • Put your child’s health first
  • Prepare and plan for their appointment
  • Call the clinic if you need help


Ask your child’s doctor about the vaccines they need

  • It’s safe to get multiple vaccines at a once
  • Ask your child’s doctor questions
  • Share your concerns


Get your child vaccinated

  • Vaccines protect against germs
  • Vaccines keep your child safe now and in the future


Make sure your child gets every dose

For full protection, some vaccines need more than one dose