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Live Music and COVID-19

What concerts were you looking forward to this year? Were you excited to go see your favorite band at Red Rocks or Pepsi Center? Or any other local music venue in Denver?

You may be saddened that you aren’t going to be able to see that band or performer live and you’ve had your tickets canceled. It’s been impacting those in the industry, not just the fans. Personal friends of mine have been furloughed since March, not knowing when live music will return.

There are rumors that some shows could possibly start back up in February, but we will not know until that time rolls around. Fans are saddened and disappointed that we can’t experience these normal activities anymore. There are virtual shows happening, and even drive-in concerts starting to happen.

Do you think this will change your experience as a concert goer? How do you feel about watching a live concert from your home?

This thought has made my mind wander and think about how it will change this experience until we are able to get back to reality. As a photographer, it’s strange thinking about how we can go to concerts while being socially distant from others for our health. Personally, I’m used to being in crowded spaces inside music venues in Denver and pushing others off me while I’m trying to do my job.

People want to be able to have fun and have the full concert experience, but until we have an effective vaccine, I do not see that happening for at least another year.

There are a variety of ways to help support those in the music industry. You can purchase apparel, CDs and more from your favorite band online. Most artists have their own merchandise stores found on their websites. You can also purchase digital music from iTunes or the Google Play Store.

Fundraisers have been set up in order to give back to those who have lost their jobs that tour with bands. You can find most on GoFundMe, Twitter, and Facebook. For the Nomads is a website that has more information about the impact COVID-19 has had on the industry, as well as donations set up in order to split evenly among the touring members. They have their own dedicated merchandise where proceeds will also be divided amongst those individuals in need.