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Lindsay Cowee

Lindsay Cowee

Lindsay Cowee is the director of utilization management and pharmacy at Colorado Access. She spends most of her time outside of work with her husband and two little minions, ages 5 and 2. Any leftover time is spent cooking, traveling, or cheering on the St. Louis Cardinals or Mizzou Tigers (yes, even during the rough seasons).

Raising My Kids To Be Adventurous Eaters: Part 2

Welcome back! Last post I talked a little about how we introduced my little minions to food when they were babies – in the hopes that I’d raise them to be as adventurous of an eater as I am. Baby Led Feeding worked like a charm in my house – my babies wanted to try … Read More

Raising My Kids To Be Adventurous Eaters: Part 1

“Hey Lauren, Mommy is ordering takeout tonight, what kind do you want?” “The one with the chicken and salad and the yummy balsamic dip.” Yes, this is a conversation that occurs every time we order takeout. My five-year-old kid doesn’t want pizza or mac and cheese (although that’s usually the request from my two-year-old), she … Read More