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Our success lies in our relationship with our providers who offer a high standard of care.

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It’s easy to become a Colorado Access provider. Why would you want to? We strive to be the easiest plan to work with. Most importantly, we understand your time is valuable and we respect your expertise, which is why we ensure:

  • Provider relations representatives provide quick responses to your questions and concerns
  • Your claims are processed and paid quickly
  • Your claims are processed accurately

Sound good? Keep reading to find out how to join our network.

Become a Colorado Access Provider

We are currently adding new providers to our networks. If you are interested in contracting with Colorado Access please complete a Provider Contract Appendix and return it along with copies of your W-9 and proof of Professional Liability Insurance coverage and send them to our provider contracting team at Once the Appendix is received, we will review your request within 30 business days, and will respond to you directly. Incomplete information will result in a delayed response.

Professional Providers, please fill out our Professional Provider Appendix.

Facility and Ancillary providers, please fill out our Facility/Ancillary Provider Appendix

Please be sure to validate your organizational and/or individual National Provider Identifier (NPI) with the state of Colorado. This is a requirement to participate in our networks. For more information about participating in Health First Colorado (Colorado’s Medicaid Program) or the validation or revalidation process, visit the website for the Department of Health Care Policy & Financing.

Provider Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get Synagis for my patients?

Complete Synagis prior authorization form and fax to Navitus at 855-668-8551. You will receive a fax indicating approval or denial of prior authorization determination is made. If request is approved, fax order for Synagis to Lumicera Specialty Pharmacy at 855-847-3558. If you wish to have a home health agency administer Synagis to your patient, please indicate that the medication will be shipped to the patient’s home on your order. Upon receipt of Synagis order indicating that medication will be shipped to patient’s home, Lumicera will fax a home health request to Colorado Access utilization management (UM) team to set up the services. Our UM team will work to set up a home health agency to visit the patient’s home and administer the medication.

Is Synagis covered by Colorado Access?

Synagis is covered for eligible patients through the Colorado Access pharmacy benefit. The specific criteria for approval can be found here. Prior authorization forms should be faxed to Navitus at 855-668-8551.