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About Colorado Access

We are a local, nonprofit health care company, and we've been caring for the health of Coloradans for 25 years.

Our Mission

Partner with communities and empower people through access to quality, affordable care.

Our Vision

Healthy communities transformed by the care that people want at a cost we can all afford.

Our Core Values


We act with great care and attention for the people we serve. We are driven by the desire to improve lives and communities. We treat each other with respect and kindness.


Nothing is more important than the trust of our members, providers, partners and employees. We operate with integrity at all times, and we follow rules and regulations as a matter of principle, not obligation.


We are driven by helping those we serve to achieve positive results. We strive to exceed expectations and create a positive experience for our customers and employees. We demonstrate accountability for delivering high performance, strong results, value-added operations and quality service.

Core Values


We work as a team with our partners in the community. We build on the success and innovation of mission-aligned partners to the benefit of those we serve. We achieve better results when we work together.


We find new ways to add value with technology, ideas, programs, services, and tools. We are forward-thinking, seeking ways to transform health care with innovative approaches and proven solutions. We share and apply lessons we learn to continuously improve and grow.