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Primary Care

Learn more about finding a primary care provider and how they can help keep you healthy.

Your Primary Care Provider

You are assigned a doctor. Your doctor is also called a primary care provider (PCP) or medical home. Your PCP will help you with any of your physical health needs. You should contact your PCP first for health care needs that are not an emergency. Building a relationship with your PCP will help them get to know you. This helps you get the best care possible. We can help you if you have trouble finding a PCP.

Medical Advice, 24/7

Remember — the emergency department is only for emergencies. Call your PCP if you have a health concern that isn’t an emergency. If you can’t reach your PCP and need health advice, call the Health First Colorado Nurse Advice line at 800-283-3221. Nurses are available 24/7 to give free medical information and advice.