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Colorado Access Invests in Behavioral Health of Coloradans by Increasing Reimbursement Payments to Network Providers by $12 Million

AURORA, Colo. – In response to pandemic-related provider shortages, increased costs and a heightened demand for behavioral health services, Colorado Access is investing $12 million in its behavioral health provider network by providing additional financial reimbursement for services provided to health plan members.

“We’re on a mission to improve the health of Coloradans, and this includes behavioral health. Our behavioral health providers have made an impact in the lives of our members, especially during these last two years of the pandemic,” said Rob Bremer, vice president of network strategy at Colorado Access. “I’m pleased we’re able to broadly increase provider reimbursement.”

Provider reimbursement for all routine behavioral health outpatient services is being increased at an average of 26%. Standard rates for specific services such as routine therapy are being increased by as much as 44%, while substance use counseling is being increased by 63%.

Access to high quality outpatient behavioral health services is essential to enabling Colorado communities to return to and maintain full health and wellness. This investment is an important step toward helping providers better serve Colorado Access members and local communities.

“Almost every time I receive a call from a client, they speak about the numerous phone calls they made to reach a behavioral health provider that accepts Medicaid,” said Charles Mayer-Twomey, LCSW, of Mountain Thrive Counseling, PLLC. “This change will ultimately increase access to services for so many clients in one of the most populated areas of the state. It will also help my growing group practice recruit qualified and competitive providers, which in turn will provide a higher quality of care to the community at large.”

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