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The Colorado Access Community Innovation Pool

2021 Funding Focus = Health Equity
Funding opportunities announced

Opportunity #1: The Colorado Access Community Innovation Pool Presents:
A Workshop Series on Black Maternal Health in Metro Denver

WHAT?: We are organizing a group of mothers and families, community organizations and leaders, medical providers, and others for a four-part series of innovation workshops.

Workshop #1
Monday, July 26th
*Meeting will be held virtually
Workshop #2
Thursday, September 9th
*Meeting will be held virtually
Workshop #3
Tuesday, October 5th
*Not yet determined if in-person or virtual
Workshop #4
Monday, November 1st
*Not yet determined if in-person or virtual

WHY?: The goal is to co-create, design and fund solutions to overcome inequities in the health and wellness of Black mothers during pregnancy, childbirth and new motherhood. We want to make sure our health care system and support from the community ensure healthy moms and healthy babies. 

WHEN?: This is a series of four workshops with one workshop per month. They will take place in July, September, October and November 2021. The July meeting will be conducted online with the possibility of hybrid or in-person meetings for the remainder of meetings.

WHO?: If you can commit to attend all four workshops, we want to hear from you!  We are looking for people who represent four distinct perspectives:

    1. Personal perspective – a willingness to share your personal story.  We are looking for women who identify as Black and are currently pregnant, or have had a child (or children) within the last five years.
    2. Family and community perspective – an understanding of the concerns from a variety
      of experiences of Black women and Black families.
    3. Medical perspective – an understanding of medical services and supports that are provided to pregnant women and new moms.
    4. Policy perspective – ability to discuss how policies are impacting pregnant Black women.

Do you need our support to participate? We offer a financial stipend for your time, and other supports if needed (technology, childcare, language interpretation, transportation, etc).

If you don’t have access to a computer, please call us at 720-744-5505.

Open Houses – We’ll be hosting a series of ‘Open Houses’ through Zoom or by phone where you can ask questions and learn more about the innovation workshop series. For more information, click here.

To learn more: For more information about this opportunity and to let us know if you are interested,
click here.  

We are committed to shifting our approach from simply providing services to families (the community) to actively partnering with families (the community).  We know that partnership depends on valuable engagement of the community members with lived experience, so we invite you to join us in an important conversation.

If you have questions, send an email to the Community Engagement Team at  

Opportunity #2:
Behavioral Healthcare Workforce Development and Pipelines Coming Soon!

Opportunity #3:
Substance Use Disorder
Coming Soon!