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The Colorado Access Community Innovation Pool

Mental Health Community Investment Project

Project Update:

The funding for the Black Birthing Mental Health Community Investment project has been determined. Thirty-six organizations submitted applications for funding, and with strong guidance and leadership from community consultants, we have made the determination to fund nine projects, investing $350,000 into our Colorado community for responses aimed at improving Black Birthing mental health support.

Colorado Access received, and through our community consultants, evaluated funding requests for more than $1.5 million related to Black Birthing mental health projects. The tremendous response to this funding opportunity is yet another demonstration of the clear community need around this important work. The decision was made to expand the funding specific to Black Birthing mental health support and fund an additional 4 projects from the initial ones submitted for a total of 13 projects funded. The additional funding is through our Communities of Practice initiative, resulting in a total $550,000 combined for Black Birthing mental health projects.

Please check back for more project updates in the coming months.