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Bill W, MD
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Bill W, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Bill couldn’t decide what area of medicine he liked best, but being a generalist resonated with his values. After leaving Oklahoma and completing his residency in Colorado, his first job was with Denver Health in the Globeville area of town. He then went to work for Kaiser Permanente and after about 10 years of practice, began to notice that many of the issues affecting his patients' health had little to do with the “exam room” and much more to do with their work, race, economics, and families. He then pursued a Masters in Public Health degree and became even more convinced that these issues of “social determinants” (even though he didn’t know that was what they were called) had more impact on people’s health than any prescription he could write. Coming from a supportive family and having an incredible life partner with which we share three kids and six grandkids (to date…) he understands the importance of “health.” It is about being free from the stress and worry of medical issues so that all are able to pursue their dreams. We all deserve this basic human right.

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