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Health and Halloween in the Middle of a Pandemic

As I sit here contemplating one of my favorite holidays, I have to acknowledge that this Halloween will be different this year. “Normal” is fading from the vocabulary as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, and Halloween can’t help being affected. I have hope, however, that creativity will emerge. Apparently as I closely monitor apps like Nextdoor and Facebook, I get the sense that the candy chute is the most popular solution. (Yes, it’s a THING, check out the link below)

In the great debate about how to get more candy to kids where obesity is a real problem, I’m thinking we need to capitalize on an opportunity to re-focus the holiday itself.
To me, the spirit of Halloween has always been about the costumes. I’m sure that comes as no surprise to some, my last blog post proudly announced/explained my re-enactor proclivities. As someone who has always struggled with my weight, the promise of compounding the struggle with the temptation of so much candy was not what I focused on in past years, nor my primary focus of this year.

Rather than trick-or-treating, what if we encouraged costume parades on neighborhood sidewalks? Kids and parents could stroll at safe distances while mask-wearing adults cheer them on from lawn chairs in driveways and yards as they pass by. You could even have HOAs award treat baskets for the best costumes at prescribed times/locations. (Make sure you parade past the clubhouse, between the hours of 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm and the judges will award the winner at 8:30 pm. Must be present to win) Then I get to see the kiddos in their costumes, but everyone is safe. Then it becomes more about the spirit than the candy.

I hear the overwhelming cries of: “For the kids it’s all about the candy.” Well maybe it shouldn’t be. But if we still have to go that direction, I like the idea that came from a good friend of mine: borrow from other holidays. After the parade, the kids return to large treat baskets/pumpkins filled with all their favorite goodies. (Delivered by the Great Pumpkin? Thank you, Mr. Schulz, Linus will FINALLY get his due. Lol) or perhaps their family unit can hide treats and treasures around their property to give the kids a thrill.

Please just combine it with the costume parades, so I can see the little kiddos in their costumes. That’s my favorite part.

Yes, Candy Chutes Are a Thing This Pandemic Halloween