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Self-Improvement Month

I am a perpetual work-in-progress. I don’t believe I will ever “arrive.” There’s always room to grow, improve, and be better. As September rolls in, bringing Self-Improvement Month with it, let’s embrace a life of constant experimentation! This is a path I’ve taken in my role as a learning professional and the many roles in my personal life.

I believe we all have the potential for greatness within us. But it’s up to us to find what fuels our passions. That’s where exploration comes in. And it all begins with the foundation of a growth mindset.

A growth mindset is the belief that abilities and intelligence can be developed through dedication and effort. It’s the understanding that challenges and setbacks are opportunities for learning and improvement. With a growth mindset, individuals embrace curiosity, resilience, and the willingness to step out of their comfort zones. This mindset fosters a love for learning, a willingness to face challenges, and a belief in the power of continuous development.

To honor this month of self-improvement, choose at least four growth experiments from the list below to step out of your comfort zone and into purpose, creativity, gratitude, and resilience.

  • Planning Time: Block off 30 minutes Monday mornings for weekly planning.
  • Daily Focus: Spend two minutes every morning setting a daily intention.
  • Finding Joy: Focus each day on maximizing the work that brings you joy.
  • Embrace Gratitude: Start and end each day with three things you are grateful for.
  • Spread the Love: Show appreciation to one person each day this week.
  • Head in the Clouds: Take at least 10 minutes daily for daydreaming.
  • Question Quest: Spend time communicating with another person only in questions.
  • Feedback Boost: Ask for feedback: one positive and one thing they would change.
  • Future You: Fill in the blank: One year from now, I am ___________________.
  • Growth Check: Reflect on the last month. Where did you grow?

Let your growth journey begin – happy experimenting!