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National Lost Pet Prevention Month

When I think of July, I think of cookouts and grilling, fireworks, freedom and my beloved babies, my dogs. Thankfully, my three boys (yes, they are my kids) are not afraid of fireworks or loud noises. (I know, I’m truly blessed and grateful).

With all the fireworks and the dogs, cats, and other animals that are truly frightened by them, I can understand why July is National Lost Pet Prevention Month. However, I also know that it’s not just fireworks that can cause a beloved pet to go missing. I had a West Highland White Terrier named Duncan some years back, a wonderful dog with an adventurous spirit. I loved to take him almost everywhere with me, and I guess he thought he could adventure out on his own from time to time! I remember as a puppy, he got out of my townhome, and I’m not even sure how he managed that, as I used to have to take him outside on a leash just to go potty! Well, sure enough, he decided to go on an adventure, and missing he went!

That was a heart-wrenching, torturous time of my life. I didn’t know what to do or where to start to look for him. Thankfully, there are far more resources to protect my babies today. The American Humane Society has great tips to follow if your pet goes missing – click here to read them.

Nowadays, my babies are tagged as well as microchipped, and I certainly have many more resources that I will share at the end of this blog post. Oh, and what happened with Duncan, you ask? Not to fret, my heartbreak was short-lived. Later that day, I found him riding around in the front seat of our trash truck! I am so lucky that Duncan not only didn’t get run over by the garbageman, but also that he recognized my baby from the area and drove back around to see if he could locate me! It has left a lasting memory and impact on me that ensures that not only do I look for opportunities to rescue lost animals when I find them (call it pay it forward), but to take extra precautions with every pet I’ve had since. My heart goes out to those pet parents that never experience the return of their furry (or scaly?) baby. (Hopefully the stats I read are true, and that is an incredibly small percentage.)

If you or someone you know experiences a pet that goes missing, here are some free resources to use: