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I Love The Mountains

I love the mountains. Let me say that one more time, “I LOVE the mountains!!”

Embracing the stillness and majesty of the mountains has been a source of inspiration for me in my work and life. On top of that, the mental and physical benefits I’ve seen from spending time away from the city have been tremendous, so much so that our family decided to spend the entire summer in the mountains this past year.

Dubbed as my “summer of creativity,” the time spent in the mountains allowed me to break free from my mundane routine. Working remotely alongside my husband while our kids enjoyed summer camp, I found the perfect balance between my professional and personal activities.

Being in the mountains felt like a disconnection from the rest of the world. I could focus on my family and my personal and professional growth. Engaging in outdoor activities like walking, hiking, biking, running, and paddleboarding kept me healthy and energized—all things I need to keep up with my active six- and eight-year-old children.

These activities kept me physically fit and opened my mind to new possibilities. When I’m outdoors in the mountains, I use all five senses to experience the setting. This connection to nature and the present moment while doing something physical was an excellent recipe for mental clarity and inspiration. Between talking and laughing with my family during our outdoor exploration, I spent a lot of time daydreaming and envisioning a brighter future. I even extended this activity to my workday.

After a brief walk outside each morning, I would start my workday revitalized, alert, and centered. I spent this morning walk breathing in the fresh air, appreciating the quiet, and searching for wildlife. I would set my daily intention and brainstorm how to tackle the day best. This ritual helped me breathe new life into my work and motivated me to be present for my colleagues and family.

I incorporated as many walking meetings as possible to stay refreshed and energized throughout my day. These outdoor sessions amid the mountains encouraged physical activity and stimulated innovative thinking. My conversations during these engagements led to insights I don’t consistently achieve when sitting at my desk indoors. The fresh air, elevated heart rate, and serenity of my surroundings added to more clarity of thought and deeper discussions.

Being surrounded by the mountains allowed me to recharge, gain perspective, and return home before fall started with a renewed sense of purpose. As we celebrate International Mountain Day on December 11, 2023, I reflect on the impact that mountains have had on my life. Beyond their beauty, they are sanctuaries for holistic well-being – where physical and mental health come together. Whether it’s the refreshing air, the natural surroundings that foster creativity, or the many outdoor activities that challenge and invigorate, the mountains offer a wealth of benefits for anyone seeking to elevate their well-being. I implore you to find your own time for creativity by taking a trip to the mountains as soon as possible. Happy exploring!