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Thriving, Not Surviving: A Wellness Journey

Blink once if you’ve ever wished you could thrive instead of just survive. Welcome to the club.

Let me be honest – I’ve gotten pretty good at surviving. Overcoming life’s curveballs is my forte. But thriving consistently and in all areas of life? That’s been a bit of a struggle for me. Being a survivor became part of my identity, a badge of honor I’ve been wearing proudly (big eye roll as I’m typing this). I still often cling to my survival mode because it’s familiar; it feels like “home.” Daniela the Survivor sounds like:

“Vegetables, shmegetables – that [insert a processed or sugary food] is calling my name.”

“I can run on little to no sleep as long as I get things done.”

“Working out? Puhleese, my family/work/friends/pets need me more.”

“A bag of Skittles is considered a daily serving of fruit, right?”

And then I wonder why I’m constantly exhausted, can’t focus well, and am cranky at myself and everyone around me.

On the other hand, Daniela the Thriver is way more fun to be around. She’s not stress-free by any means, but she’s better equipped to deal with challenges gracefully, to allow joy and happiness even during the darkest times. She is more intentional with where her energy goes, emotionally regulated, and is in a healthy place to serve those around her.

Which Daniela would you rather hang out with? My guess is the thriving one. And yet, I somehow feel ashamed to thrive, as if I don’t deserve to… it’s a work in progress. If you, too, are looking to make the intentional mindset switch from surviving to thriving as your main operating mode, asking yourself these questions might be a good start:

What does thriving mean to me?

Thriving isn’t just about surviving; it’s about embracing life with resilience, joy, and purpose. It’s a state where challenges are faced head-on, and growth becomes a way of life.

What area(s) of my life could I thrive more in?

Take a holistic inventory of all areas: family/friends/love life, community, environment, fun and recreation, health and fitness, career and work, money and finance, spirituality, growth and learning. Identify the areas that need a bit more thriving energy.

What is standing in your way of living the life you want?

Whether it’s limiting beliefs, habits, or external factors, identify the obstacles that hinder your journey to thriving. Awareness is the first step towards transformation.

What health and wellness strategies can put me on the path to thriving?

Explore strategies that promote well-being in all aspects of your life. Find practices that nourish your body, mind, and spirit, from sleep hygiene to mindful eating.

Who are my thriving role models? What can I learn from them?

Look to those who inspire you with their resilience and zest for life. Real or fictional, these role models can offer insights and motivation as you embark on your own wellness adventure.

Thank your mind and body for helping you survive thus far. Now, remind yourself that you deserve all the good things life has in store for you and give yourself permission to thrive.

My transition from surviving to thriving is still ongoing and involves self-reflection, small, consistent changes, and a renewed commitment to my well-being. I invite you to join me on this journey. Whether you’re a seasoned survivor or just starting to question your wellness norms, remember that thriving is not a distant dream; it’s a choice you make every day.

So here’s to embracing a life where we thrive, not just survive—because we all deserve to live our best, most vibrant lives. Cheers to your wellness adventure!


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