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Caring and Well-Being Are Keys for a Top Workplace

Being recognized as a top workplace starts with caring and well-being.

At Colorado Access, we believe in caring for those around us both in the community and within our company. One of our core values is compassion. Our workforce embodies this value through their interactions with one another. We show that we care when someone on our team is experiencing a challenging time or celebrating a joyous moment in their life. We rally around each other and this in turn creates a sense of connection.

There is such care taken by the people of Colorado Access. Ensuring everyone’s well-being is a top priority for us. You see that in the seminars and workshops that are offered by the company in the areas of financial, wellness, meditation, yoga, and virtual behavioral health counseling.

At Colorado Access, we understand that you bring your whole person to work. We want to do what we can to help keep our workforce well – that includes physical wellness. When someone is not well, we understand that they may not be at their best; and that it is important to create space so that they can get back to feeling good. Taking time off also helps to support wellness and the healing process. Ensuring that our workforce has health insurance that will meet their unique individual needs is also important to health and wellness.

We also are intentional about creating in-person connection points with our workforce. Since the pandemic, we moved from a fully remote to a hybrid work environment. We understood that our employee’s well-being was impacted by human connection. As the country began to open back up, we felt it was important to return to our company events, which allowed us to gather in a fun and safe way. It was exciting to see our colleagues at the summer gathering and Juneteenth celebration and tailgate party. We also found ways to engage in a virtual world through our Halloween contest and winter gathering. We also encourage teams to come together in a way that was meaningful and comfortable for them. We started seeing more people in the office and more in person connection points.

At Colorado Access, we care about well-being. This is what makes us a top workplace.