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Happy Unique Names Day!

My name is Kisii, pronounced Key-see 😊!

As we celebrate Unique Names Day, it is important to remember that all names are important and can be a sign of so many significant factors. Depending on culture, heritage, and family history – names can be vital in how we show who we are, and where can come from! When we meet someone, our names are some of the first details we share – they are a huge part of our identities! That is why is so important that we all take time to learn each other’s names, even the unique ones!

While unique names may seem a little harder to understand or take a little longer to learn, being able to pronounce and address someone with their name, in my option, is a huge sign of respect. Having a unique name can be frustrating with constant mispronunciations so learning the unique names you encounter can make the other person feel seen. No matter what culture or background we come from, everyone has a name – whether it is “unique” or not, it’s yours and should be valued.

Personally, I love having a unique name! I think my name represents me well. As a person with a different background than most, I feel that my name fits my overall identity, personality, and personal story. Although I can’t find my name on those pre-made keychains, or souvenirs, I love knowing that I may be the only one out there named Kisii, and that’s better than a souvenir. Having a unique name also gives me a lot of pride. While I may have to work a little harder for others to understand how to say, or how to spell, my name, I always say my name with confidence and dignity! My name is me and I am my name.

While I will always love my name, it can also be bittersweet. To me, having a unique name is something you must take care of! Names can be easily misstated, spelt incorrectly, or just completely overlooked and it is my responsibility to protect my name. That being said, I know the feeling of not wanting to correct someone due to the fact that they may be embarrassed or using a different name at restaurants so when they call you up it’s just “easier.” And while I do believe it’s important to rep your name no matter what, I also understand the exhaustion that comes from the constant corrections or concerns around the spelling of a name.

Of course, there is always good and bad to situations, and having a unique is no different. Having to correct others on navigating your name is just part of the territory of being a uniquely named person! And while a name is just one part of identity, it is an important piece – it’s how we address each other, acknowledge one another, and identify our friends and family.

Names are unique sounds and cadences of words that are attached to one specific individual-sort of like a kind of theme music. – Jim Butcher

Happy Unique Names Day, once again! Remember, just because your name doesn’t have the easiest spelling or pronunciation doesn’t mean it isn’t worth using or educating others on! As Mr. Jim Butcher said above, your name is kind of like your theme music, meaning you have control over what’s playing! I hope you spend the day enjoying and basking in your uniqueness, as you should! Nobody can wear your name like you, so always wear it proudly!