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National Day of Unplugging

Well, who would have ever guessed there is actually an international day dedicated to being in multi-dimensional relationships with other humans! The membership-based national nonprofit National Day of Unplugging (NDU) is dedicated to elevating human connection over digital engagement.

I found my people! I am definitely not a digital native by choice, so being able to find others with similar inclinations is a great way to strengthen awareness of building a healthy life/tech balance. I have always been skeptical of clicking keyboards, flashy neon colors, all sorts of haphazard bells and whistles and other noises, and the ever-present interruptions and disruptions of inbound technology. It seems, and research supports, that we have allowed ourselves to become addicted to seeking interactions with our electronic connections over authentic human connectedness.

NDU estimates a thousand locations participated in awareness building activities last year. This year, this unifying moment is set to occur from sundown to sundown March 4th through 5th. Organizers advise making a plan and gathering a group of people, or not, and taking an hour of the time to sit with yourself and get acquainted with your breathing, your heartbeats, and your muscles. Fun activities gathered from around the world included rock painting, scavenger hunts, volunteering and stocking Little Free Libraries with food and reading materials.

The idea I thought was the most creative was to make up your own unique “Nap sack” for your mobile device, so named with the hope that your technology will go take a nap out of your sight while you do something else without technology. Ideas and even patterns suggest ways to make a “Lego log jam” or a “vault” or crypt or lockbox. Modalities like pottery, sewing, paper-mache, weaving, jewelry making, and welding were all examples other NDU devotees suggested.

The point was, creativity is unleashed when you set aside the spoon-fed regime of digital engagement, and instead take an hour on National Day of Unplugging to do something fun and meaningful for you and your enlightenment. Maybe, that hour will stretch longer, or happen again as you come to feel the stress less freedom of not being plugged in. Best wishes!