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Happy Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day to all my fellow soldier, sailor, and Marine veterans. This Veterans Day I would also like to recognize the families that supported veterans during their time in service. We don’t always think about the husbands and wives, moms and dads, and other immediate and extended family members who also take on a very critical support role of their loved ones on active duty. When their active duty family member is deployed or taken away from family by their military duties, these families must also support their efforts by keeping everything together at home. Kids and pets still need to be fed, normal home duties still need to be addressed and managed among many other things. Not everyone can appreciate the importance of this, but it is enormous. This not only maintains some sense of normalcy at home, but also allows their active duty family member to focus on the military task at hand knowing things are being taken care of at home.

So again, happy Veterans Day, not just to my fellow veterans, but to those families who played such an important role in the success and peace of mind of their loved ones while serving their country. These families certainly played an integral role in serving their country as well.

Praise all the veterans that served before me, with me and to those that are serving today to protect this country, its citizens, and ideals. I will always cherish the seven and a half years I spent on active duty and the three years I spent in the reserves. I am most fond of the wonderful people I was blessed to meet and interact with, both military and otherwise. The diversity of not only the U.S. Military, but all the diverse and wonderful cultures I was exposed to at a young age and still cherish to this day.