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What is Perspectives?

What does a health care company do for you? If you’re a provider, they’re the ones who you call when you need help navigating the system to see patients, and then get paid for services rendered. If you’re a community member, it might be important to you that a local company understands local needs and contributes to the community. At Colorado Access, we strive to be more than that. We’re Coloradans who live in the community. The issues you face on a daily basis are the same ones we encounter too. We know how hard it can be to find affordable housing, or sit in I-25 traffic on a weekend. We understand the effect of marijuana on our economy, and the mental health issues that seem to plague our state. We get it, because we live here too.

It’s a new year, and new year’s resolutions are about looking inward and changing things we don’t like, or committing to things we want to work on. I’m a big proponent of you don’t know what you don’t know, because you don’t know it, and you should take the time to learn about things you may not have thought of before. You might learn something you never knew. That’s the point of this blog. It is a collection of different perspectives from different writers on topics related to health. At Colorado Access, each member’s story is unique, and similarly, each person that makes up our company provides a unique perspective.

Each month, we’ll be bringing you information on a personal level. Our perspective on the world around us. This blog is not meant to be the perspective of the company, but rather the perspective of the person writing it. What makes this different is learning something you may not have thought of or don’t know about. Or maybe you do, but you have your own unique perspective. We’ve all arrived at Colorado Access through different ways. Some of us are from Colorado. Some of us have made a career working in health care.

We’ll offer perspectives on general health, wellness, health industry trends and more. What drives the people of Colorado Access? How do we interact with members and providers? What contributions can we make to the communities in which we live? The goal of this blog is to learn from each other. Learn from the stories and experiences we each offer and have to share.

Check back each month for a new perspective on a relevant health topic. Perspectives is an online collection of experiences from those who make up Colorado Access. You’ll not only learn about different things; you’ll learn a little about those who make up the company.