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Colorado Access Named a Top Workplace by Denver Post

DENVER – Colorado Access, one of the largest employers in Aurora, Colo., has been named a 2023 Denver Post Top Workplace based on survey feedback from its employees. In order to obtain this award, employees of Colorado Access took a survey administered by Denver Post technology partner Energage, LLC. The survey measured 15 culture drivers including alignment, execution, and connection. Of the more than 400 Colorado Access employees, 82% responded to the survey.

“At Colorado Access, our mission is to partner with communities and empower people through access to quality, equitable, and affordable care,” said Annie Lee, president and CEO of Colorado Access, “It is an honor to be recognized among Colorado’s top workplaces and a testament to our people who are passionate about our work to achieve health equity for those we serve.”

Colorado Access is committed to the people and communities it serves and provides employees with a mission-driven work environment. The company vision of “healthy communities transformed by the care that people want at a cost we can all afford” is woven into the work done every day and offers employees a sense of pride in what they do.

Colorado Access has also made a concerted effort toward enhancing its culture and prioritizing the needs of its employees. The organization promotes a positive culture, including flexible work-from-home opportunities, and generous paid time off offerings. Colorado Access employees and leaders are encouraged to participate in leadership and career development opportunities for all employees through its learning and development (L&D) team. Last year, 77% of Colorado Access employees participated in L&D opportunities and gave an 83% satisfaction rate with their experience.

“We have worked hard to improve the experiences our employees have with the company,” said April Abrahamson, chief people and talent development officer. “We listen to, and invest in, our employees to make sure they feel valued and enjoy meaning in their work. Our culture is described by employees as ‘inclusive, caring, and supportive’ which is fostered by our core values of collaboration, excellence, diversity, equity, inclusion, trust, innovation, and compassion.”

The nonprofit organization has launched a monthly diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) speaker series featuring guests who speak on topics ranging from civil rights to Asian heritage, LGBTQIA+, and women’s history. Past speakers have included Arthur McFarlane, the great-grandson of W.E.B. Dubois; the Honorable Wilma J. Webb, six-term Colorado state representative and former first lady of Denver; and Roz Duman, the founder and director of the Coalition Against Global Genocide.

Colorado Access has also launched events such as the Steps Towards Equity Challenge, where Colorado Access employees were invited to walk in honor of Black History Month and promote heart health. The number of steps corresponded to goal levels determined by significant marches/journeys that gained Americans greater freedoms and civil rights. Employees were also given the opportunity to nominate a nonprofit organization that they value on a personal level, for a donation. Community partners such as Children’s Hospital Colorado and the Laradon School also participated in the challenge alongside Colorado Access staff.

“When an organization opens the door to curiosity, learning and courageous conversations, it unleashes energy that fuels innovation and collaboration,” said Bobby King, vice president of diversity, equity, and inclusion, “All key ingredients of a best place to work.”

About Colorado Access

As the largest and most experienced public sector health plan in the state, Colorado Access is a nonprofit organization that works beyond just navigating health services. The company focuses on meeting members’ unique needs by partnering with providers and community organizations to provide better personalized care through measurable results. Their broad and deep view of regional and local systems allows them to stay focused on members’ care while collaborating on measurable and economically sustainable systems that serve them better. Learn more at