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Colorado Access Partners with Vital Data Technology for Integrated Quality Improvement Solution

Newport Beach, CA Colorado Access announced a partnership with Vital Data Technology, a data science-driven health care solutions leader, to improve the acquisition, processing, and utilization of data for their Quality Improvement initiatives. Colorado Access contracts with the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing, a department of the State of Colorado, to provide comprehensive health care products and services to Health First Colorado (Colorado’s Medicaid program) and Child Health Plan Plus beneficiaries.

“Colorado Access is driven to improve members’ health outcomes and better measure success by using standardized, nationally recognized metrics. Colorado Access has partnered with VDT to enhance data-drill-down capabilities of critical utilization trends and enhance collaboration with providers by supplying performance data ultimately, improving member’s health and well-being,” said Mika Gans, director of quality improvement for Colorado Access.

Affinitē Quality Improvement (Affinitē QI) is an end-to-end quality improvement solution for certified HEDIS® submission. Equipped with year-round management and comprehensive dashboards, Affinitē QI is the ultimate tool to close care gaps and ensure a successful HEDIS season.

“We look forward to partnering with Colorado Access to help build their quality program, and to ensure their HEDIS season is marked by reasonable turnaround times and much smoother processes,” said Jenna Fitcher, director of quality improvement for Vital Data Technology. “With our data-driven, fully-integrated Affinitē Quality Improvement solution, we can help Colorado Access streamline workflows, improve provider relations, and maximize program value – ultimately providing solutions that go beyond addressing gaps in care.”

For more information on Affinitē Quality Improvement, please contact Vital Data Technology directly at 866-482-8399 or at

About Colorado Access

As the largest and most experienced public sector health plan in the state, Colorado Access is a nonprofit organization that works beyond just navigating health services. The company focuses on meeting members’ unique needs by partnering with providers and community organizations to provide better personalized care through measurable results. Their broad and deep view of regional and local systems allows them to stay focused on members’ care while collaborating on measurable and economically sustainable systems that serve them better. Learn more at

About Vital Data Technology

Vital Data Technology is transforming the health care ecosystem by empowering stakeholders with prescriptive insights to improve member health and lower costs. Vital Data Technology leverages embedded, real-time data science, Ai, and analytics to drive intelligent automation through their cloud based Affinitē platform. Affinitē connects all data sources to align quality, risk, utilization management, and care management solutions and acts as a single source of truth for all health care information. With Affinitē as a single source of truth, all health care parties can coordinate more efficient care interventions with an accurate 360-degree view of the member. For more information, go to