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No Better Bond to be Thankful for…Sisters

When I found out that August 6th was National Sisters Day, I was ecstatic! There is no other subject, no other people in my life who I love to talk about and celebrate more than my sisters. I come from a very large family. In fact, I’m the oldest of 10; eight of those 10 are girls. When I think of celebrating the bonds between sisters, I get this rush of energy and excitement, wide smiles, brightness, and positivity because that’s what my sisters are to me.

Now, to be very clear, each of my siblings mean the world to me, and each of them have impacted me in their own very special way, but it is the bond and sisterhood between my sisters and I that has truly poured into my life. Being the eldest, I hold myself at a high standard to be a good example to my siblings, and it is that fact that keeps me on the straight and narrow; I simply don’t want to disappoint them. My sisters are the holders of some of my deepest secrets. Some of my most vulnerable moments have been protected by their guidance and their love even though they’re younger than me. We’ve survived tragedy, we’ve celebrated victories, conquered fears together, even beat up imaginary friends along the way.

While reading an article from Healthway, written by Dr. Julie Hanks, “Having A Sister Is Good For Your Mental Health,” I was not surprised when I read that having a sister has a positive impact on your mental health. In reading this article, I couldn’t agree more with the way that sisters impact our lives. They allow us to be our best selves, they are secret keepers. They are our encouragers. They are our sounding boards and thought partners when we’re exploring new ideas. They are in our corner by our side giving us the pros, giving us the cons and really sticking by you as your sister, as a supportive member in your life, and there’s nothing better than that bond.

Though there are times my sisters and I don’t agree or see eye to eye, we’ve never had a moment where we were not thinking about and putting each other‘s best interest first. It is the carefulness when we are having a serious conversation, it is the protection that we put on our bond, and it is the dedication to each other that truly help our sisterhood bloom and showcase all the great things that we have in our treasure chest!

S is for the strength and the solace of a sister

I is for the intentional love displayed between sisters

S is for the sensational support of sisters

T is for tenacity and teamwork

E is for your encouraging embrace

R is for the resilience and reliability of a sister’s bond