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Member Involvement

We want you to get involved!

The Member Advisory Council


Our Member Advisory Council give members a voice in our projects. Family members and caregivers can also be a part of the council. Council members come from different communities and areas. The useful insight they give helps us serve our members better. This gives us new ways to think about how we:

  • Provide member education
  • Outreach to members
  • Address the needs of members
  • Work through service challenges
  • Work with community partners

We make sure that programs and services we offer are member-reviewed and member-driven.

How Do I Become a Member of the Member Advisory Council?

First, you must be a member. You can also be a member’s family member or a caregiver. Second, do you have these traits? We’re looking for people who:

    • Can see the ‘big picture’
    • Have interest in health care
    • Can work on a team
    • Use email and phone. We can help you with this
    • Can go to monthly meetings
    • Have transportation or are able to use public transportation. We can help you with this
    • Want to help make services better for all members

Call us at 800-511-5010 (toll free) if you want to be part of the council. TTY users should call 888-803-4494 (toll free). You can also email us at

How Long Has Colorado Access Had a Member Advisory Council?

We have always asked for feedback from our members. This is important to us. We have done this through our Partnership meeting. We have been having these meetings for years.

Our new Member Advisory Council started in August 2017. We strongly believe that when we include members when we develop our projects and programs, we improve the services we offer.

Who Can Go to the Member Advisory Council Meeting?

The meeting is held monthly but only members of the Member Advisory Council and our Program Improvement Advisory Committee (PIAC) are allowed to go to the actual meeting. This is due to the private business information we talk about.

How Else Can I Get Involved?

There are many ways to get involved. You can:

  • Go to a Partnership meeting.
  • Join the Colorado Access Performance Improvement Advisory Committee (PIAC)  for your region.
  • Check out our calendar of events. Meet us in the community!
  • Join a Colorado Health Care Policy & Financing Member Experience Advisory Council. Learn more here.
  • Sign up below!

Colorado Access Advisory Councils Interest Form

Thank you for your interest in participating in Colorado Access Advisory Councils. To begin the process please complete the form below. If you meet the qualifications for the council, a staff person from Colorado Access will be in touch to discuss the process. Please note that different councils have different requirements. Not everyone who applies may be eligible to serve.

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