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Regional PIACs

Working with community partners for the health of Colorado.

Regional Program Improvement Advisory Committee (PIAC)


As the Regional Organization for the Health First Colorado (Colorado’s Medicaid Program) program, Colorado Access operates two regionally-focused Program Improvement Advisory Committees or PIACs:

The purpose of these committees is to engage a broad range of local stakeholders in high-level strategy within the topics of physical and behavioral health. These committees provide guidance and make recommendations to Colorado Access on how to improve health, access, cost, and member and provider satisfaction within the regions we serve.

Who is on the Committee?

The state requires each regional committee have a formal membership made up of a broad range of stakeholders:

  • Colorado Access members, families and caregivers
  • Physical healthcare providers
  • Behavioral health providers
  • Other providers in the healthcare system, such as specialists, hospitals, oral health, and long term services and supports.
  • Other individuals who can represent advocacy and Community organizations, local public health, and child welfare interests

For each region’s formal membership roster, please click on the Region’s page.

When and where are the meetings?

Each Regional PIAC meeting is held at least quarterly within the region.  Specific dates, times and locations can be found on each Region’s page.

These meetings are open to the public.  We are happy to provide reasonable accommodations for the meetings upon request for persons with disabilities as well as language accommodations.  Please contact Nancy Viera at or 720-744-5246 at least one week prior to the scheduled meeting if you need accommodations.

How do I get involved?

Are you a Colorado Access member, family member or caregiver?

An important voice at our PIAC table are Colorado Access members as well as their families and caregivers.  We want those with lived experiences within the program to inform the work we do.  Your viewpoint matters!

We have several spots for members, and family members/caregivers on each regional committee.  We are always looking for people who:

  • Can see the ‘big picture’ – and interested in health care
  • Can work on a team
  • Are able to use email and phone – (training provided)
  • Willing to attend meetings in person
  • Willing to commit 3-4 hours per month for actual meeting time and review of meeting materials before and after
  • Have access to transportation or are able to utilize public transportation – (assistance provided)
  • Want to help Colorado Access provide the best services possible for all members

We will provide support for committee members to have a good understanding of the regional organization contract with the state, the region’s health care delivery system, and a profile of the members in the regions that we serve.

Additionally, we provide reasonable accommodations to ensure meaningful participation, such as transportation support and language interpretation.

To learn more, please contact Nancy Viera, External Relations Coordinator, at or 720-744-5246.

How do I get involved?

Are you a clinical organization, human service organization or community group?

The state requires we engage a variety of stakeholders within and outside of the healthcare system.  We have designated seats within each of the categories identified by the state.  While we have formal committee membership, over time that membership will rotate.  If you are interested in being involved, please let us know so we can explore if it is a right fit.

To learn more about these committees and how to get involved, please contact Nancy Viera, External Relations Coordinator, at or 720-744-5246.