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Find all of the information you need to submit a claim and receive payment.

Four Easy Steps to File a Claim

Helping to improve the lives of Coloradans is important, and so is receiving timely payment for the services you provide. Your time is valuable, which is why we strive to make the claims process as easy and efficient as possible for our providers.

Here are four simple steps to follow to help ensure your claims are paid quickly.

  1. If you are a behavioral health or CHP+ HMO provider, youcan submit your claims electronically (preferred) through one of the approved EDI clearinghouses (see the electronic claims section for the list) or by mail at:

    PO Box 240389
    Apple Valley, MN

    You should submit all Medicaid physical health claims directly to the state through the Health First Colorado (Colorado’s Medicaid program) Provider Web Portal. Click here to read more about that process.

  2. Be sure to choose a payment option for how you want to receive your payment. You may choose between an electronic fund transfer (EFT) payment, a Virtual Credit Card (VCC) (the default option if you don’t choose another option) or a paper check. Click here for information on other payment options and how to request a change.
  3. Be sure to file within the timely filing limit, which is 120 days from the date of service or the time limit specified in your contract.
  4. You can check the status of a Colorado Access claim through our provider portal.

If you have additional questions about the claims process, visit our FAQ page or call us for additional assistance.

Payment Options for Providers

There are three payment options from which you may choose:

  • An electronic fund transfer (EFT) payment, which is the easiest, quickest method
  • A Virtual Credit Card (VCC), which is the default option if you don’t choose another option
  • A paper check

We encourage you to take action and choose your preferred payment option. Click here for information on other payment options and how to request a change.

Electronic Claims

Submitting your claims to us through a clearinghouse is a quick and efficient method. We receive claims directly from the following clearinghouses:

EDI Clearinghouses

Please contact your preferred clearinghouse directly to receive the appropriate payer ID required to submit claims. If you have questions about electronic claim submissions, please email You can also find more information about claims in our FAQ.