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The quality of your care matters to us. Read about our appointment standards and more.

Appointment Standards


We are committed to making sure you can see a provider in a timely manner. We want you to know what to expect when you make an appointment. Here are our standards:

In some cases, your wait might be longer than the time listed. This might happen if a licensed health care professional feels it’s safe for you to wait.


Medicaid Physical Health Medicaid Behavioral Health Child Health Plan Plus
Routine Care 45 Calendar Days 7 Days 30 Calendar Days
Non-Urgent Care 10 Calendar Days 7 Days 30 Calendar Days
Urgent Care 48 Hours 15 Minutes 48 Hours


You have a right to complain. This may also be called a grievance. You can complain if you are unhappy with your service or think you were treated unfairly. Talk to your provider first. You cannot lose your coverage for filing a complaint.

Please let us know if you are unhappy with your providers, services or decisions made about your treatment. An example of a grievance is if the receptionist was rude to you or you couldn’t get an appointment when you needed one. For details on how to file a grievance and what to expect after you file a grievance, please click here.


You also have a right to appeal. This means you can ask for review of an action or decision about what services you get. You will not lose your benefits if you file an appeal. You may file an appeal if we deny or limit a type of service you request. You can appeal if we reduce or stop a service that was previously approved. You can also appeal if we deny payment for any part of a service. There are other actions you may appeal. To learn about those actions and how the appeal process works, please click here.